Meet the Family

The name says it all, the driving force behind this locally owned and operated business is the Zenari family.

Zenari’s has been an Edmonton institution for almost 30 years. In 1984 Glenda Zenari opened the doors to Zenari’s, bringing her passion for cooking and good food to the fine folks of Edmonton. Two years later Adriano left the world of physics to join Glenda in operating the burgeoning business. Taking influence from Italy’s famous trattorias, Zenari’s combined a causal deli setting with gourmand’s marketplace. It was the first place in town where you could purchase cappuccinos and Le Creuset cookware from the same counter. A small affair at first, Zenari’s focused on Glenda’s passion for all things cooking, love of customer service and community engagement. It was a recipe for success.

In 1994 Adriano took over the reins of the business and through the years, as demand grew, so did Zenari’s, adding catering services, a wine bar, and a massively renovated deli (and menu) to the already popular Edmonton shop. Staying true to its roots, Zenari’s continues to stay focused on providing Edmonton with an authentic Italian environment and good home-cooked food. Adriano still stays actively involved in the daily happenings; you’ll see him around the deli and wine bar, schmoozing with customers while keeping a close eye on operations.

Infused with Adriano’s love for good food, friends, and fixtures, the second generation is embracing management of Zenari’s. At any given moment you can find a member of the Zenari clan running the kitchen, tasting new wines, or planning an extravagant event. The family is dedicated to continuing Zenari’s commitment to exceptional product and service.

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GENERAL MANAGER        Elisa Zenari


HEAD COOK                   Giancarlo Zenari